Dear followers,

Most SOAP modules have a new release. The basic ::SOAP module
mainly got improvements to support the Web Service Addressing (WSA)
headers more DWIMmingly.

The ::SOAP::Daemon adds WSA headers found in a WSDL automagically.
Besides, it now will use these headers and the soapAction for
understanding which operation is called.

It will take upto a day for these releases to arrive on all mirrors.
Enjoy, MarkOv

XML::Compile::SOAP version 2.18: Mon Nov 1 17:10:17 CET 2010


- extra "action" parameter for faultMessageNotRecognized().
[Patrick Powell]

- renamed XML::Compile::Operation to XML::Compile::SOAP::Operation


- also Faults which do not contain additional details will
get decoded for convenience. Found by [Patrick Powell]

- promote soapAction() from ::SOAP11::Operation into ::Operation

- document availability of ::Operation::wsaAction() for ::WSA

- produce error when binding of operation is missing.

- XML::Compile::Transport becomes an ::Extension

- added ::Extension::soap11ServerWrapper()

- explain how to use ANY elements in SOAP messages.

- ::SOAP::compileClient() can now be used with async transfer
protocols. [Aleksey Mashanov]

- document existence of ::Transfer::SOAPHTTP_AnyEvent

- ::SOAP::messageStructure() also shows wsa_action.

- remove dependency on Test::Pod

- started with XML::Compile::SOAP::FAQ

XML::Compile::SOAP::Daemon version 2.04; Mon Nov 1 17:21:38 CET 2010


- remove dependency for Test::Pod

- implement operation selection based on wsa:action headers.

- implement operation selection based on SOAPAction HTTP header.

- add option for new(accept_slow_select) to be able to
disable tranditional SOAP operation selection

- add wsa:Action values to the output, when ::WSA is loaded.

XML::Compile::SOAP::WSA version 0.12: Mon Nov 1 17:14:36 CET 2010


- remove extension() call from the docs. Discovered
by [Patrick Powel]

- remove dependency on Test::Pod

- automatic addition of wsa:Action to client and server
messages, if the operation knows about them.

Mark Overmeer MSc MARKOV Solutions
Mark@Overmeer.net solutions@overmeer.net
http://Mark.Overmeer.net http://solutions.overmeer.net

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