The month of December has been hectic with a lot of action and bug fixes.

To start I'd like thank Tim Spriggs for hosting our clearspace and jira

Both of these are now active and time permitting I'll start to move
issues and content from the old home to the new one. The clearspace
instance needs a template and anyone interested in helping with that is
more than welcome. My vision is that OSUNIX will be the parent group
and under this we'll create groups as it makes sense. (voip, x64,
porting, xen.. etc)

Last Friday I quietly pushed out a release with minor fixes. If you'd
like to test any of the pre-alpha bits please feel free to email me and
I can get you setup with a developer zone.

The next release is planned for January 15th, 2009 which hopefully will
include enough fixes for the project to be self hosting out of a zone.

The project currently needs help from people with experience in Python,
C and debugging kernel related issues.

1) Python - packaging related. ferringb has done some recent changes to
pkgcore to make building of XARv2 packages a lot easier, but there is
still a lot of python code needing to be modified.

2) C - 64bit metainit has a strange bug, there's compilation issues with
parts of the kernel + SunStudioExpress 10/22 and the list goes on...

I have been including my entirely open source work (including the
unfinished libc bits) and notes in each release, but will try to get
that in a state which is more easily reproduced so anyone wanting to
help can pitch in.

After we are self hosting my company will start a proactive marketing
campaign to help spur growth and awareness around the community. We've
already put a lot of planning in this, but suggestions and other
advocacy ideas are always welcome. By building a community where the
community needs come first I think we can achieve quite a bit.

Happy Holidays & New Year


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