For those of you using the build scripts that are in the Number::Phone
Github repository, I have fixed a bug that meant you needed a recent
version of Number::Phone installed to have builds work:

You can also see the current status of the 'master' branch in Travis-CI
now, which will automagically test it against perl Ancient and Modern
whenever there's a change:

It *should* also automatically test any pull requests on Github.

For now you'll need to click through to see the details for each build,
as there are some spurious errors when I try to generate coverage reports:
    perl 5.8 last night:
    perl 5.20 last night:

If you're not already using Travis and Coveralls for any of your open
source projects, then I recommend them. Breno de Oliveira wrote up some
instructions here:


David Cantrell | Cake Smuggler Extraordinaire

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