Good morning,

I need a constraint which is identical to
Constraint::DBIC::Unique in concept, but requires slightly
different implementation. I can either create my own or supply
patches for Constraint::DBIC::Unique. So I'm asking for comments
from others.

Currently C::DBIC::Unique will only check for unique values by
doing a 'find' (& checking primary keys) before returning true/false.

Rather than doing a find on a column in the resultset, I need to
call a method on the resultset and return that value. The
resultset method is simply checking for uniqueness across two
tables, so maybe there is a better way of achieving that anyway.

Thoughts? Comments? Should I write a custom constraint or does
this sound like a good addition to C::DBIC::Unique? My idea was
to create an alternate config option; rather than supplying
'column' in the Constraint config, supply 'method' instead. And
C::DBIC::Unique would simply return the value from 'method'
rather than doing a column find.

Another thought I had was a custom resultset class (view?) which
combines both tables and just using C::DBIC::Unique as it is
now. But that seems like more effort and not as clean.


? Charlie Garrison ? <garrison@zeta.org.au>

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