On Wed, 10 Feb 2010 12:59:46 -0500, hkclark@gmail.com wrote:
Hi Moritz,

I'm trying to make use of the very handy Label Element that you added
a while back to FormFu. Thanks for doing that. A quick question if
you don't mind: is there a way to have it not escape the content?
Sort of like "content_xml" vs. "content" for block?

If not, do you know of a way to display some dynamic HTML markup (IOW,
that comes from the DB from "HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC") in a FormFu

PS -- I have wondered if it would be helpful to add to the Catalyst
Tutorial FormFu example to get into more detailed and advanced stuff.
Any chance you (or would you know of any other folks on the FormFu
team) that might be interested in working together on such a thing?
Hi Kennedy,

I totally see your point there. Unfortunately it isn't that easy to fix.
Every field has a value and value_xml method which contains the
field's value (default and default_xml are aliases for those methods).
Model::DBIC however sets the value by calling default.

I see two possible ways to fix this. Either we patch model::DBIC to read
a value from the model_config of a field and decide then whether to
use default or default_xml:

- type: Label
name: first
is_xml: 1

Or for now you can write your own deflator which can reverse the encoding.
Have a look at HTML::FormFu::Deflator::FormatNumber for an example of
string manipulation.

The best practice for home-made Deflators is to name them like this:

HTML::FormFu::Deflator::MyApp::XMLLabel, so you can use


in the configuration.

I forwarded this mail to the formfu mailing list, which you should
subscribe to :-)

I can find you on IRC next week so we can discuss about the Catalyst
tutorial thing and what you have in mind.



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