If you check out the doodle link: http://www.doodle.com/g57am7idy8iurudv

You'll notice that it's pretty easy to figure out what days we're looking at: Sunday afternoon with a potential fallback to Thursday evening. Thanks to some Hive76ers for pointing out this tool.

Anyhow, what I'm emailing about here is that we're in contact with a H76 member on their availability so that we can get some time there, which was the original plan. I haven't heard back from them quite yet but assure you all that I will communicate any resolution as soon as we do.

Thank you all for expressing your interest so far. We've also put up a github organization for everyone: http://github.org/hackadelphia which we will be happy to add you to as a team member, and fork or clone/push your projects you'd like to work on with others. Shoot me an email directly if you think this would be interesting to you.

I think we'll have some organization boilerplate to talk about at the first meeting, but I'd like to hear a basic show of hands on how worthwhile a wiki would be, or suggestions for other tools we could use. Right now service-wise we're just testing the waters, and are always grateful for input.

As always, the IRC channel on freenode: #hackadelphia is a great place to discuss these things.


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