I am using version 0.08112 of DBIx::Class, with an Oracle database. In my
model I am retrieving several resultsets, some of which contain fields that
need the LongReadLen value set, so I set that value. In my code in a helper
routine, like _do_something shown below, right before returning my arrayref
the value for LongReadLen is set as desired, upon returning from the helper
routine, LongReadLen is set to 80.

I was extremely puzzled, so I set DBI_TRACE=1 and discovered that the
database was being disconnected, and that the DESTROY method was being
called in DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm. When I do a warn to ouput the caller,
it says my code is calling, any ideas what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!

sub main_routine {

$self->_do_something {};
LongReadLen is output to 80;


sub _do_something {

longreadlen is output to 400000
return /@data;

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