Today we have the joy of being able to announce the release of CiderWebmail
version 1.03. Mathias has done great work on reworking our MIME handling, so
CiderWebmail should now be able to render any text and HTML email if at all
possible. It seems like our character set handling exceeds even many desktop
mailing programs.

Speaking of which - by shamelessly copying from kmail's user interface, even a
programmer like me can make a webmail that's looking quite nice. Other user
interface improvements include loading more messages as one is scrolling
through the message list and being able to resize the navigational area and
message list. We now have much more keyboard bindings, so the common moving
through the message list, moving, deleting and replying or forwarding to
messages is now completely covered.

As always, more information and more features can be found in the changelog.
Please try CiderWebmail (perhaps using our test installation) and tell us how
you like it and what you think can be improved. If you want to join our
development team, there are already plenty of tasks in any size available.
Help would be very appreciated in all areas like design, documentation,
packaging or programming.


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