Fixed in Catalyst::Runtime 5.80030, thanks!

Florian Ragwitz wrote:
Sebastian Willert <willert@gmail.com> writes:
Some updates in the dependency chain of Catalyst seem to cause a
breakage in Catalyst. The dists in question are:
- Class::MOP
- namespace::clean
- Package::Stash
with Package::Stash being the most likely culprit, but the dists above
depend on the latest Package::Stash.

Until someone more knowledgeable than me figures out what is going

It's kind of hard to figure out what's going on without knowing what
breaks for you. I'll make a WAG though:

You upgraded Package::Stash to version 0.16 or greater and didn't also
upgrade the modules the Makefile.PL output or the output of
`package-stash-conflicts' told you were broken by that upgrade.

Another guess would be you having upgraded Package::Stash as well as
the conflicting modules and happen to have Package::Stash::XS
installed. Catalyst-Runtime used to rely on a bug in the pure-perl
version of Package::Stash, which gets exposed by upgrading
Package::Stash to a version that loads Package::Stash::XS
and having ::XS available. That happens to be fixed in 5.80030.

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