I'd like to announce the second (and hopefully final) development
release, before the next stable version, Catalyst 5.80014_02.

This release has an important fix for the CGI and FastCGI engines to
do with parsing path parts in the case where you have encoded slashes
in the URI (e.g. http://myapp.com/some%7Fthing/like/this.

I _NEED_ people using FastCGI to test this release for me and let me
know if they see any issues with the detection of the correct base
path for your application or similar, both for apps running at / and
those running in sub directories.

I've personally tested this with Apache 2 and nginx, but I'd
appreciate if a couple of other people could give it a go, and I'd be
especially pleased if I could get a confirm that everything is good
from anyone running IIS or lighttpd.

Please try it out by typing:
cpan -i BOBTFISH/Catalyst-5.80014_02.tar.gz

The changelog is included below as usual. Thanks in advance to anyone
helping test this release.


5.80014_02 2009-12-01 00:55:23
Bug fixes:
- Fix reporting the wrong Content-Length if the response body is an
upgraded string. Strings mean the same thing whether or not they
upgraded, may get upgraded even after they are encoded, and will
produce the same output either way, but bytes::length returns
too big
values for upgraded strings containing characters >127
- Fix t/live_fork.t with bleadperl (RT#52100)
- Set $ENV{PATH_INFO} from $ENV{REQUEST_URI} combined with
$ENV{SCRIPT_NAME} if possible. This is many web servers always
decode PATH_INFO including URI reserved characters. This allows
us to
tell foo%2cbar from foo%252cbar, and fixes issues with %2F in
being incorrectly decoded, resulting in too many path parts
than 1 path part containing a /, on some web servers (at least
- Require new HTTP::Request::AsCGI so that it fully decodes
in non CGI contexts. (RT#50082)

Refactoring / cleanups:
- NoTabs and Pod tests moved to t/author so that they're not run
(and then skipped) normally.

- Fix Pod nits in Catalyst::Response (RT#51818)

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