I have a web application that I protected with an authentication system
entirely written in mysql, so mysql's stored procedures does the
authentication, the session id generation and the privilege checking...

I have four sp for every table, to handle select insert update and
delete actions... And every sp that requires user rights will get a
session id as first parameter and checks if the user can do the action
or not.

This way the mysql user that used by the site can be completely

Recently I decided to rewrite the application in an object oriented way
to get an easier maintainable solution, and I found catalyst and
dbix::class should be really useful! I was reading around them for days,
and I now have a concept how my application should be ported around
these tools, the only problem is my authentication mechanism what I
don't want to abandon!

So the question is that: Can I tell dbix::class somehow to use my stored
procedures for it's select, insert, update and delete actions?

Thanks for helping me!

P.S.: Sorry because my baaad English!
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