Is it the intended behavior to set a cookie any time the session is
*fetched* even if nothing is set in the session?

With a new app with these added plugins:


And if I just add my $ses = $c->session; to the index action in root then
that causes a Set-Cookie header to be set in the response. (And if cookies
are disabled on a browser then a new session id is created every request,
and expires is written to the store).

Not a big deal, but just curious if that was by design or just a side-effect
of how the session code works.

I typically use session cookies and don't set a cookie header in the
response if a valid session id was in the request cookie.

Bill Moseley
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  • Edmund von der Burg at Nov 7, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    2009/11/7 Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org>:
    Is it the intended behavior? to set a cookie any time the session is *fetched* even if nothing is set in the session?
    I wouldn't say that it is intended behaviour, but it is behaviour that
    is used in the C::P::Session test suite.

    When you check for a session using $c->session a session is created
    and then persisted on the browser using a cookie. There is no logic to
    check if there is anything interesting stored in the session (ie that
    it is not a 'null session').

    You might want to look at the following code which I wrote a while
    back and added to the repo but never released to CPAN - it would just
    muddy the waters:


    It tries not to do anything silly :)

    Bill Moseley

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