Thanks to the great work of developers like Florian Ragwitz and Tomas Doran
we're ready for another developer release. With this release, we believe
that all the blockers for a 5.80 release of Catalyst based on Moose are
solved. Please help us by testing it out and reporting back, or forever hold
your peace ;-) If no unforseen issues turn up, we expect to have an actual
user release by the end of this week. The release is on it's way to CPAN as
we speak. If you can't wait, there's a tarball available at


The changes from the previous dev release is attached below:

- Add the Catalyst::Dispatcher->dispatch_type method (ash)
- Throw an exception rather than loading an app if an action
tries to chain to itself (t0m)
- Tests for this
- Change the $c->visit and $c->go methods to optionally take
CaptureArgs, making them useful to call ActionChains with (t0m)
- Tests for this (radek)
- Fix _invoke_as_component method to find the proper action instance
for dispatchable actions so that ->visit or ->going to
with qw/Class::Name method_name/ works correctly (t0m)
- Tests for this (radek)
- Added Catalyst::Test::ctx_request to be able to inspect
the context object after a request is made (Jos Boumans)
- debug() POD rewrite (jhannah)
- Change the warning when you have conflicting components to
present a list (t0m)
- Move NEXT use and testing deprecated features out to its own
test application so that the main TestApp isn't polluted with
spurious warnings (t0m)
- Add a warning for the old ::[MVC]:: style naming scheme (t0m)
- Test for this (t0m)
- Kill Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT warnings for the Catalyst:: namespace
in production versions (t0m)
- Tidy up Catalyst::ClassData to ensure that all components get
the correct metaclass (t0m)
- Make MyApp.pm restartable by unsetting setup_finished in
the restarter process (t0m)
- Non-naive implementation of making mutable on restart using
B::Hooks::OP::Check::StashChange if installed (t0m)
- Tests for this (t0m)
- Naive implementation of making all components mutable in the
forked restart watcher process so native Moose apps using
immutable restart correctly. (t0m)
- Tests for this (t0m)
- Bump Moose dependency to 0.70 so that we avoid nasty surprises
with is_class_loaded and perl 5.80 when you Moosify MyApp.pm (t0m)
- Clarify that request arguments aren't unescaped automatically
(Simon Bertrang) (Closes RT#41153)
- Don't require C3 for the MRO test (rafl)
- Bump MX::Emulate::CAF prereq to support list assignment (rafl)
- Remove useless column in chained action debug table. (rafl)
- namespace::clean related cleanups (rafl)
- Import related cleanups and consistency fixes (rafl)
- Fix test suite TestApp /dump/env action (t0m)
- Add $res->code as alias for $res->status (hdp)
- Make Catalyst::ClassData compatible with the latest
changes. Also depend on the latest Class::MOP. (rafl)
- Add $c->uri_for_action method. (hdp)
- Don't stringify the meta method. Use its name instead. (rafl)
- Use MooseX::MethodAttributes::Inheritable to contain action
attributes. This means that attributes are now represented in the
allowing method modifiers on actions to work as expected. (rafl)
- Provide a reasonable API in Catalyst::Controller for working with
and registering actions, allowing a controller sub-class to
subroutine attributes for action declerations with an alternate
syntax. (rafl/hdp)
- Instantiate correct sub-class of Moose::Meta::Class for non-Moose
components where Catalyst forces the creation of a metaclass
This is more correct, and avoids metaclass incompatibility in
cases (t0m)
- Tests for this (t0m)
- Use of deprecated Catalyst::Base now warns. (t0m)

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
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