After a little time of CPAN somking the dev release and having no
failures, and a few people saying it still works, its time for a
proper release.

Winging its way through the intertubes of PAUSE and your CPAN mirrors
are the following changes:

0.50 Tue Feb 17 09:12 GMT 2009
- Remove warning in HTTP::Cookies

0.50_2 Thur Feb 12 09:47 GMT 2009
- Make t/multi_content_type.t handle case when server cant be
which is almost always due to port in use.

0.50_1 Thur Feb 5 09:02 GMT 2009
- App classname no longer has to be passed to import:
$m = T::W::M::C->new(catalyst_app => 'Catty')
now works.
- Can now use TWMC two test two different apps in the same perl
interpreter due to the above change
- Removed Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst::Aux package as it
isn't needed
any more
- Add 'host' accessor for white-label testing
- Moosification
- Can now test against remote CATALYST_SERVER without having to
load the
app class

If you are desperate to try it out earlier, download it from http://perlitist.com/static/Test-WWW-Mechanize-Catalyst-0.50.tar.gz

If there are any problems - tough you should have tested the dev
release. A.K.A failing test cases welcome.


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