Greetings all,

I am developing a program called CatalystX::Installer that will
simplify the installation and setup of Catalyst applications.

I was thinking about what the default options should be for
CatalystX::Installer and am wondering what people want. Basically, I
was thinking that they should be configuration information for the
most common tools used with Catalyst. CatalystX::Installer runs
during or right after the installation of a Catalyst application and
takes care of the initial configuration.Therefore, things that are
commonly done during that time are a good candidate for adding to list
of default options.

Here is what I have so far:

1. Login information

This is where the user logs into the setup application with a username
and password.

2. Required Plugins

Here is where the user enters all of the plugins, such as HTML::Widget
Authorization::ACL, and StackTrance, that need to be loaded.
CatalystX::Installer will then add them to lib/MyApp.pm.

3. Database Locations and Types

This is where the user enters the location of and type of all of the
database that they are going to use. CatalystX::Installer will then
generate all of the necessary config files, possibly by means of

4. Engine

The user can select whether to use mod_perl, fastcgi, or something
else. CatalystX::Installer will then do the necessary configuration.

That is all I have so far. I was also think about having 4 screens, 1
for login, 1 for models, 1 for views, and 1 for controllers; however,
this might be hard to implement due to how blurry the borders between
those last 3 can be.

Anyways, I welcome any suggestions for default(or even non-default)
options for the setup application(which will consist of HTML forms).
I also welcome comments or questions on my current ideas or
CatalystX::Installer in general.

P.S. Thanks for the tip Jonathan Rockway

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