Never mind, it doesn't have to do with Catalyst.

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Subject: Permission Denied??

Hi, I have an instance of an object in my Catalyst application called
$MP_Model. I have been using it successfully to call its methods until
today, when I received a 'permission denied' message:

Caught exception in Play::Controller::Maths->m_summarypg "Cannot open
file:Permission denied"

and from Stack Trace:

65: # Get ProteinName data structure through Protein Summary Data from
Model.pm in MP.
66: my $summarydata = $MP_Model->ProteinSummaryData({ProteinName =>
67: my $structuredata = $MP_Model->GetAllStructureData({ProteinName =>

I added line 67, and that is when I get the error. Line 66 works fine, and
the GetAllStructureData method works fine in the application that it is part
of, but that is what is causing the 'permission denied' error.

Why 'permission denied'?? What file could it be saying cannot be opened?


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  • Matt S Trout at Dec 17, 2007 at 9:07 pm

    On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 10:32:55AM -0800, Emily Heureux wrote:
    Never mind, it doesn't have to do with Catalyst.
    You also forgot to start a new threaad so nobody saw the original message

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