The RabbitMQ STOMP page says nothing about wildcard subscriptions.

In my tests, wildcard subscriptions against a topic seems to be
working: messages sent to /topic/foo.a or /topic/foo.b are received by
a consumer subscribing to /topic/foo.*.

However, they don't seem to be working with queues, with the same test.

Is this a bug or a feature?



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  • Steve Powell at Sep 1, 2011 at 9:37 am

    The STOMP specification says nothing about wildcard subscriptions, or destinations, leaving the semantics of destinations, and even the link between SENDs to a destination and MESSAGEs returned as a result of SUBSCRIBEs entirely up to the server implementation.

    The section in the RabbitMQ STOMP page on Topic Destinations refers to the topic exchange 'amq.topic' which, if you look in the RabbitMQ documentation, explains why your 'wildcard subscriptions against a topic' work. And that it is a feature. It also explains the rules for wildcards.

    The fact that it doesn't "work" for queues is also a feature, and this should be discoverable by the same process.

    I suspect this behaviour varies from STOMP implementation to STOMP implementation.
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