I've extracted a parser from the 'cvs' sources that knows how to deal with
common date expressions like 'now', 'tomorrow', 'next week', 'next
thursday', etc.

I wrote a simple wrapper around it's one useful function, and packaged it
all up as a tgz file, and uploaded it to starship.

the code works great, but I'd really love it if someone could help come up
with a spec file so it can be released as a binary RPM package, and also
perhaps a perl version.

I realize that SWIG could make quick work of something like this, but I saw
a great deal of benefit in writing a 'pure' interface, in order to get more
practice writing extension modules.

I uploaded the file to <ftp://starship.python.net/pub/crew/jam/> recently.
the latest available snapshot should always be there.

I also run a small *low bandwidth* bbs that I would like to use as a support
site for this module and others as they are released. if anyone is
interested, it can be reached via the url below (quark.newimage.com).

please let me know if there are any questions, concerns, problems, patches
or whathaveyou related to getdatemodule, the bbs, or python and linux in

visit gfd <http://quark.newimage.com/>
psa member #293 <http://www.python.org/>
New Image Systems & Services, Inc. <http://www.newimage.com/>
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