Hi, I'd like to announce Pyrolite 1.12, a tiny (~60k) pickle and Pyro client library for
Java and .NET.

Question: "what is a java/.net library doing in this newsgroup?"

Answer 1: This library is meant to connect a Java or .NET program to Python in a very
simple way, using the Pyro protocol. Pyro is my remote object library or Python.

Answer 2: Pyrolite contains a native implementation of Python's pickle protocol. This
can be useful by itself to read/write pickles from Java or .NET programs.

Recently, I've implemented memo-support in the pickler, which made it feature complete.
You can now pickle recursive object graphs, something which produced a stack overflow
error earlier. Notice that the unpickler has been able to deal with these for a long
time already.

Pyrolite project page: https://github.com/irmen/Pyrolite
Compiled binaries are here: http://irmen.home.xs4all.nl/pyrolite/


Irmen de Jong

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