Hi all,

I have written some helper functions for the tkinter.ttk.treeview widget
(using python3, version 3.2). This functions dont work as i expect:

#! /usr/bin/env pyhon3
# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-

from tkinter import *
from tkinter.ttk import * # now tkinter widgets get replaced by
# tkinter.ttk widgets
from tkinter.font import Font

def makeTreeview(root, fields, scrollbars=True, show='tree headings',
packOptions={'side': RIGHT, 'expand': YES,
'fill': BOTH, 'padx': 2, 'pady': 2},
""" root: the containing frame
fields: [('name', {options})]
field[0] is the tree label
scrollbars: True: use scrollbars, False: dont use scrollbars
show: 'tree' or 'headings' or 'tree headings'

# define Treeview
# fiels[0] belongs to the tree label
# fields[1:] belongs to the data values
# t is a tuple ('name', {options})
widget=Treeview(root, columns=[t[0] for t in fields[1:]], show=show)

# define scrollbars is necessary
if scrollbars:
ybar.pack(side=RIGHT, expand=YES, fill=Y) # pack ybar first
xbar.pack(side=BOTTOM, expand=YES, fill=X) # then xbar
widget.config(yscrollcommand=ybar.set, xscrollcommand=xbar.set)
widget.pack(packOptions) # pack widget last

# process the header and the options
# of the data values
# (n,o) is a tuple consisting of a name and an option
for (n,o) in fields:
widget.heading('#%s' % i, text=n)
if o: widget.column('#%s' % i, **o)
i += 1

if extras: widget.config(**extras)
return widget

def insert_node_to_treeview(tv, parent, subtree, resize=True, **extras):
''' tv: the treeview to insert the new values
parent: the parent node
subtree: a tuple (row, children) with
row: list of values to insert into this node
row[0] belongs to the tree label
row[1:] belongs to the data values
children: list of children to insert
each child is a valid subtree
(row, children) = subtree
nd=tv.insert(parent, 'end', text=row[0], values=row[1:], **extras)

# resize fields if necessary
rowsize=[Font().measure(f) for f in row]

for s in rowsize:
if tv.column('#%s' %i, option='width') < s:
tv.column('#%s' %i, width=rowsize[i])
i += 1

# insert children recursivly
if children:
for t in children:
insert_node_to_treeview(tv, nd, t, resize, **extras)

if __name__ == '__main__':

class TestMixin(GuiMixin, Frame):
def __init__(self, parent=None):
Frame.__init__(self, parent)
self.pack(expand=YES, fill=BOTH)

'This is a longer line that needs a little more space'
MyTree=[(['1', 'Line 1'],
[(['1.1', 'Line 1.1'],[]),
(['1.2', 'Linee 1.2'],
[(['1.2.1', 'Linee 1.2.1'],[]),
(['1.2.2', 'Line 1.2.2'],[])])]),
(['2', 'Line 2'],
[(['2.1', longline],
[(['2.1.1', 'This is line 2.1.1'],[])])])]

fields=[('head', {}), ('zeile 1',{})],

for t in MyTree:
insert_node_to_treeview(self.tv, '', t, open=True)

top = self.tv.get_children()[0]


There are some things i dont understand:
1) resizing of the field widths does work in principle, but the
resulting field is exactly one charakter to small.
2) I think, resizing should be clearer, but i have no idea, how.
3) The horizontal scrollbar does not work as expected. It does not react
on resizing the application window but only on resizing the headers of
the fields.

Maybe someone can give me some hints.

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