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How could i increase the unicode range beyond 10000 ?

In python 2.5.4 by default the unicode range is 0x10000, but in some cases
i have unicode char beyond the limit. For those conditions it th an error.

"""File "E:\OpenERP\OpenERP
AllInOne\Server\library.zip\reportlab\pdfbase\ttfonts.py", line 1197, in
ValueError: unichr() arg not in range(0x10000) (narrow Python build)"""

In Linux we can convert the "Narrow Python Build" to "Wide Python Build"
using the command "--enable-unicode=ucs4 configures a wide Py_UNICODE"

But how could i do this in Windows.

I used OpenERP All in one installer to install python 2.5.

Thank you,
SatheeshKumar. P
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  • Martin v. Loewis at Apr 29, 2011 at 7:16 pm
    But how could i do this in Windows.
    It's not supported. Hopefully, it will be supported in Python 3.3,
    due to PEP 393.

  • Terry Reedy at Apr 29, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    On 4/29/2011 7:52 AM, satheesh at e-ndicus.com wrote:

    How could i increase the unicode range beyond 10000 ?
    Use Python3, which, after renaming unichar to chr, changed it to always
    accept the full range of codepoints, even when that means returning a
    two-char string on narrow builds, like windows.

    If OpenERP does not have a 3.x version, encourage them to make one to
    take advantage of the unicode improvements. Tell them the use case, that
    you want to use the full range, even on windows.

    Or file a bug report requesting a workaround in the 2.x version.

    Terry Jan Reedy

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