If someone has ever written a script to convert the Python
Language Reference and Library Reference to man format, I'm

Thanks in advance.

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  • Andrew cooke at Apr 20, 2011 at 8:14 pm
    (1) Python's docs use Sphinx, which uses restructured text as a markup. You can generate man pages from restructured text using rst2man (which is installed on my computer, probably as part of python/docutils).

    HOWEVER I imagine it's not going to work very well, if at all, because Sphinx uses lots of fancy extensions. But...

    (2) Sphinx itself has a "builder" for man pages. It's described at http://sphinx.pocoo.org/builders.html#sphinx.builders.manpage.ManualPageBuilder So you should be able to configure Sphinx to use that. So you will need to download the docs package, install Sphinx, and then tweak the Sphinx configuration as described at the link above and at http://sphinx.pocoo.org/config.html#confval-man_pages

    This second approach should work.


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