I have released version 0.2.0 of fathom, python3 package for database
inspection. Fathom supports retrieving database schema from Sqlite3,
PostgreSQL and MySQL.

This is still very early version and I am experimenting with different
approaches. I would be very thankful for any input and suggestions
about what would be useful in the library or tools.

**Changes in Version 0.2.0**

* get_database convenience function, that doesn't require knowledge of
database type
* Index object provides information about columns, that are indexed
* Table provides information about foreign keys
* Procedure objects provide return value and procedure's body
* Database object provides trigger list
* Utility function get_database_type, that tries to guess database type
* Tools:
-> fathom2django that generates django models from database schema
-> fathom2graphviz that generates entity-relationship diagrams in
graphviz dot language, that can be turned into pdf or image files

Filip Gruszczy?ski

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