Hi all, I'm glad to inform you about new release 0.33 of our
completely free (license: BSD) cross-platform software:


* cplex has been connected
* New global solver interalg with guarantied precision, competitor
to LGO, BARON, MATLAB's intsolver and Direct (also can work in inexact
* New solver amsg2p for unconstrained medium-scaled NLP and NSP


* Essential speedup for automatic differentiation when vector-
variables are involved, for both dense and sparse cases
* Solving MINLP became available
* Add uncertainty analysis
* Add interval analysis
* Now you can solve systems of equations with automatic
determination is the system linear or nonlinear (subjected to given
set of free or fixed variables)
* FD Funcs min and max can work on lists of oofuns
* Bugfix for sparse SLE (system of linear equations), that slowed
down computation time and demanded more memory
* New oofuns angle, cross
* Using OpenOpt result(oovars) is available, also, start points
with oovars() now can be assigned easier

SpaceFuncs (2D, 3D, N-dimensional geometric package with abilities for
parametrized calculations, solving systems of geometric equations and
numerical optimization with automatic differentiation):

* Some bugfixes


* Adjusted with some changes in FuncDesigner

For more details visit our site http://openopt.org.

Regards, Dmitrey.

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