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In message <8faqj0FnoeU1 at mid.individual.net>, on Tue, 14 Sep 2010 20:50:04 -0600, Wed Sep 15 04:50:04 2010, Paul Watson wrote:
$ python setup.py sdist
reading manifest file 'MANIFEST'
' not a regular file -- skipping
' not a regular file -- skipping
' not a regular file -- skipping
In distutils/command/sdist.py in make_release_tree() I find

log.warn("'%s' not a regular file -- skipping" % file)

Therefore 2 apostrophes should appear in your setup.py sdist output. But you are seeing only one, therefore the file names in your file list probably contain a "\r" (carriage return). You seem to get your file list from a MANIFEST file, and probably this MANIFEST file was checked in on Windows with CR LF line endings and now you are reading it in cygwin (or in any Unix like environment) and you are getting a file name "sample.py\r" instead of "sample.py". The file "sample.py" exists and is a regular file. But the file "sample.py\r" does not exist and is therefore especially not a regular file.

HTH, regards

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