Module download at SourceForge http://yserial.sourceforge.net
Documentation has been revised and v0.60 released.

Serialization + persistance :: in a few lines of code, compress and
annotate Python objects into SQLite; then later retrieve them
chronologically by keywords without any SQL. Most useful "standard"
module for a database to store schema-less data.

The module is instructive in the way it unifies the standard
batteries: sqlite3 (as of Python v2.5), zlib (for compression), and
cPickle (for serializing objects).

If your Python program requires data persistance, then y_serial is a
module which should be worth importing. All objects are warehoused in
a single database file in the most compressed form possible. Tables
are used to differentiate projects. Steps for insertion, organization
by annotation, and finally retrieval are amazingly simple...

y_serial.py module :: warehouse Python objects with SQLite

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