Hello all,

We are pleased to tell you that Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit 6.0.0 Beta 1
were released today. If you're using 6.0.0 Alpha 2 then you can use
Komodo's auto-update mechanism. Otherwise, you can get Beta 1 at:


For Pythonistas the most significant recent changes are the addition of
Python 3 code intelligence support (i.e. autocomplete, calltips, Go To
Definition, sections list, code browser)!

Komodo 5 (the current production version) already supported background
syntax checking and debugging for Python 3. This beta release finally
rounds out Komodo's language support for Python 3.

Test Framework Survey

We're running a survey on what Test Automation Frameworks people use
(both in Python and not). We'd appreciate it if you would take the time
to fill that out: only 4 questions. We'll post results from the survey
on our blog (http://www.activestate.com/blog) next month. (We'll be
giving away some t-shirts, too!)



What else is in Komodo 6.0b1?

Other significant changes in Komodo 6.0.0b1 are:

* New integrated toolbox
* all your tools will now belong to one pane
* faster loading and firing
* tools are now standalone JSON files, that can be
easily copied and exported
* more features are planned
* in the "renovations are underway in order to serve you
better" department, tools in projects currently do not work.
This should be fixed in the nightlies fairly soon.
The toolbox main menu is also not operational.
* UI improvements
* goto-line is now an inline panel
* child dialogs appear on same screen as Komodo window
* better-looking icons
* some menu rearrangements
* Places File Manager
* one-click access to all parent directories
* it's now easier to move to recently visited directories
* publishing (IDE only)
* now works over slower connections
* show diffs between local and remote files
* numerous UI improvements
* Rx toolkit (IDE only)
* now supports JavaScript

For a more detailed overview, check out the Komodo 6 descriptive
features page:


As well as new features, Komodo 6 comes with a whole lot of enhancements
and bug fixes. See the "Release Notes" section in Komodo's internal help
viewer for the full list of changes.

Please try it out and give us your feedback:

email http://listserv.activestate.com/mailman/listinfo/komodo-beta
bugs http://bugs.activestate.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=Komodo
forum http://community.activestate.com/products/Komodo


Trent Mick
Product Manager, Komodo and Python
ActiveState, The Dynamic Language Experts

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