I have just installed pyfltk version 1.1.4 on my xubuntu 9.10 system,
it's working OK and a fairly trivial little program I have written is
able to pop up a GUI window.

However I'm now a bit stuck as the documentation seems a little
sparse. For example I'm using FL_Multiline_Output and can't find
enough detail to enable me to use its methods.

I start from:-


This tells me that there is a FL_Multiline_Output widget and that it
has a value() method, this is what I have used to display some text in
my little application.

When I click on the FL_Multiline_Output link in the above page it
takes me to:-


which lists all the methods and other bits and pieces belonging to
Fl_Multiline_Output but as far as I can see that's it, there is no
further information. The methods are links but they only link to
themselves, when you click on them the browser moves the method to the
top of the display window.

Am I missing something obvious or do I need the FLTK documentation to
give me the detail I need?

Chris Green

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