a couple short questions. on my primary linux distro -- fedora --
python 2.x is going to be around for quite some time, but if some
folks want to *start* programming in python, it seems reasonable to
just co-install python 3.x and let them cut their teeth on that,
invoking it with "python3". does that make sense as there seems to be
little value in getting started on python 2.x.

and in terms of installing python 3.x, just for fun, i used "svn" to
check out the two relevant repositories:

* release31-maint (for 3.1)
* py3k (for 3.2)

since i figured, if people are going to be using this strictly for
hacking around, i can live life on the edge.

however, on my f11 system, doing the configure/make/make test
sequence, the 3.1 maintenance release failed two tests:
multiprocessing and telnetlib, while the 3.2 branch failed only the
telnetlib test.

i've checked and, apparently, that telnetlib test failure has been
around for a while. is there a tweak i can make to the configure
and/or make to avoid that test? it would be nice to resolve it as
it's the only test out of 315 that failed for me.


p.s. the test output for telnetlib on the py3k (3.2) branch:

test test_telnetlib failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/rpjday/python3/svn/3.2/py3k/Lib/test/test_telnetlib.py",
line 470, in test_debuglevel_reads
self._test_debuglevel([a, EOF_sigil], b)
File "/home/rpjday/python3/svn/3.2/py3k/Lib/test/test_telnetlib.py",
line 451, in _test_debuglevel
txt = telnet.read_all()
File "/home/rpjday/python3/svn/3.2/py3k/Lib/telnetlib.py", line 325,
in read_all
File "/home/rpjday/python3/svn/3.2/py3k/Lib/telnetlib.py", line 516,
in fill_rawq
buf = self.sock.recv(50)
socket.error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

i'm not running telnet on this host, and i have no intention of
doing so -- it's all ssh, of course. is that what this test error is
complaining about -- that it can't find a listening telnet server?


Robert P. J. Day Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA

Linux Consulting, Training and Kernel Pedantry.

Web page: http://crashcourse.ca
Twitter: http://twitter.com/rpjday

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