WHIFF (WSGI HTTP Integrated Filesystem Frames) 0.5 released.
[ WHIFF += Open Flash Charts ]

The new WHIFF 0.5 release linked from


includes built in support for Open Flash Charts --
see documentation at


Its pretty cool, if I do say so myself :).

It also includes number of enhancements and bugfixes including
a fairly important performance bugfix.

What is Open Flash Charts?

Open Flash Charts (http://teethgrinder.co.uk/open-flash-chart-2/ )
is an LPGL Flash implementation for a large number of
attractive and dynamic graphical charts. These charts
may be used to present numeric data on web pages
in an attractive, accessible and forceful manner.
Available chart types include line, bar, scatter, candle stick,
and radar charts.

What is WHIFF?

WHIFF is a collection of support services for Python WSGI
applications which allows applications to be composed
by "dropping" dynamic pages into container directories.
This mode of development will be familiar to developers
who have created PHP applications, vanilla CGI scripts,
Apache/modpy Publisher applications, JSP pages, or
static web content. It is distributed under a BSD
style open source license.

The WHIFF implementation significantly generalizes the
"drop in" paradigm to support WSGI middleware components
and application fragments as well as stand-alone pages.

WHIFF provides other services in addition to supporting
"drop in" components, such as managed application

I created WHIFF to address complexity issues I
encounter when creating and fixing sophisticated
Web applications which include complex database
interactions and dynamic features such as AJAX
(Asynchronous Javascript And XML).

Project home page:
http://whiff.sourceforge.net .
Documentation index:
http://aaron.oirt.rutgers.edu/myapp/docs/W.intro .

I hope you like it!

-- Aaron Watters

an apple every 8 hours will keep 3 doctors away
-- kliban

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