Announcing Nucular 0.5

This release adds streamlined interfaces for
boolean queries. Search for "dogs" or "cats"
but not "smelly" like this:

dicts = session.dictionaries("(dogs|cats) ~smelly")

Also included are some other features and bug
fixes, including some unicode handling bugfixes.

HOME: http://nucular.sourceforge.net/
BOOLEAN QUERIES: http://nucular.sourceforge.net/Boolean.html

About Nucular:

Nucular is a system for creating full text indices
for fielded data. It can be accessed via a Python API
or via a suite of command line interfaces.

Nucular archives fielded documents and retrieves them
based on field value, field prefix, field word prefix,
or full text word prefix, word proximity or combinations of
these. Nucular also includes features for determining values
related to a query often called query facets.


Nucular is very light weight. Updates and accesses
do not require any server process or other system
support such as shared memory locking.

Nucular supports concurrency. Arbitrary concurrent
updates and accesses by multiple processes or threads
are supported, with no possible locking issues.

Nucular is pure Python.
Nucular indexes and retrieves data quickly.
Nucular has a funny name.

More information about Nucular including links
to documentation, and releases is available at

Thanks: Rene Maurer and Matt Chaput and others
for comments, suggestions, patches.

-- Aaron Watters

an apple every 8 hours
will keep 3 doctors away. -- kliban

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