Tobu 0.5.0 is now available.

Tobu is something between a freeform information organizer and a database.

Changes since last version were:

Added multiple undo/redo, toolbar icon for list recent; Fixed loading a
previously selected item from listing, disabled closing of last
remaining tab, fixed panes disappearing when dragged all the way down or
up, fixed removing of favorites, changed last used tag to pop to the top
of recently used tags, fixed tab key deleting tags when they are
selected, set exact match in filter dropdown to highlight ahead of
inexact matches, fixed replacing file name when dragged and dropped
instead of appending to old filename, removed 'new copy' icon from
toolbar, fixed gvim not saving changes in linux when set as external
editor - see note in tutorial, fixed saved views / saved templates
interfering with each other, automatic windows installer was added.

Tobu's homepage is here:


Tobu | http://tobu.lightbird.net/ | Freeform DB / Tagger / PIM
Python-by-Example | http://pbe.lightbird.net/ | Guide to LibRef

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