Introduction to The Universal God Body:
We have now established that our bodies consist of 4 Personality
Bodies and 4 Spiritual Bodies.
We have also established that the life which exists in the cellular,
plant, and animal kingdoms have the same structure. The higher
dimensions are in some cases only potential, but it is a
characteristic of all life forms that all these dimensions form part
of their structure.
Now let us consider a further 4 dimensions those of Gaia, Planet
Earth, the Solar Logos and all Suns, the Milky Way Galaxy and all
other Galaxies, and the Big Bang Universe. We can safely assume that
these 4 upper levels of life have activated progressively higher
levels, or Dimensions. And since we, humans, are part of their
"Multidimensional Bodies", these upper levels are available to us.
THE UNIVERSAL GOD BODY: Once we are in the God Body all we need to
join with these 4 Upper Spiritual Bodies, is to express our intent in
a way that is visible to the Spiritual world, where the necessary
connections will be made by our friends, who love us immensely as we
all know. So what we will do is to move into these 4 upper dimensions,
through Their Crown Chakra, while we are in our God Body, and express
our intent from there.
Gaia :Visualize our Earth with all the area of space surrounding Her.
See Her in all Her Glory, with all Her Multidimensional Bodies
surrounding Her. The North Pole is Her Crown Chakra.
Go to this Porthole and walk into Her Spiritual Body.
You will now send your powerful telepathic message: "We want union
with Gaia's Spiritual Body" As you send out this request You will feel
it being fulfilled, you will feel yourself floating, as part of the
outer Spiritual Body surrounding and penetrating the Earth.
Solar System: See the huge, complete, Solar System's Spiritual Bodies
enveloping the whole system, extending beyond the Dwarf Planets, and
covering it right round, with the Crown Chakra rising vertically above
the Sun.
Now go to this Crown Chakra and see yourself walking into the
Spiritual Body
"We want UNION with You" will go out your powerful telepathic
You will now feel yourself floating above and right round the whole
You are now in your second Upper Spiritual Dimension.
Milky Way Galaxy Now visualize the Milky Way Galaxy with its huge Halo
enveloping it.
The Crown Chakra rises upwards into the Halo from the Galactic centre.
Walk through this Galactic Centre and through the Halo into the
Spiritual Dimension.
" We now want Union with our Galactic Spiritual Body".
See this huge Spiritual Body which has now become the third of your
Upper Spiritual Bodies. Send your Love and immense appreciation
Big-Bang Universe.
Now we want to add the Spiritual Body of our Big Bang Universe to our
Spiritual Bodies.
Visualize this whole Universe, starting from its original Big Bang and
expanding until it reaches its present state of expansion.
See it all in your mind's eye and send out your intent with a powerful
telepathic message: "I want Union with the Spiritual Body of our Big
Bang Universe"

Just as the Aether, the Pre-atomic, and the Molecular Dimensions are
constituents of our total body, so these 4 Upper Dimensions are also
part of our Multidimensional Body.
Once Union is effected, we become our Universal God Body, and we can
train ourselves to feel our total United Body every time we say:
Joe Zaidan

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