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From http Thu Mar 8 11:46:40 2007
From: http (Paul Rubin)
Date: 08 Mar 2007 02:46:40 -0800
Subject: Is numeric keys of Python's dictionary automatically sorted?
References: <esn6nu$c8nt$1@netnews.upenn.edu>
Message-ID: <7x8xe8dncf.fsf@ruckus.brouhaha.com>

"John" <rds1226 at sh163.net> writes:
I am coding a radix sort in python and I think that Python's dictionary may
be a choice for bucket.
Why are you coding a radix sort?
The only problem is that dictionary is a mapping without order. But
I just found that if the keys are numeric, the keys themselves are
ordered in the dictionary.
Just an accident, dicts are implemented using hashing, and small
integers hash to themselves.

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