I recenlty had the same issue, but clearing the build directory and rebuilding again fixed the issue for me
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From: http (Paul Rubin)
Date: 25 Sep 2006 00:45:29 -0700
Subject: unicode, bytes redux
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willie <willie at jamots.com> writes:
# U+270C
# 11100010 10011100 10001100
buf = "\xE2\x9C\x8C"
u = buf.decode('UTF-8')
# ... later ...
u.bytes() -> 3

(goes through each code point and calculates
the number of bytes that make up the character
according to the encoding)
Duncan Booth explains why that doesn't work. But I don't see any big
problem with a byte count function that lets you specify an encoding:

u = buf.decode('UTF-8')
# ... later ...
u.bytes('UTF-8') -> 3
u.bytes('UCS-4') -> 4

That avoids creating a new encoded string in memory, and for some
encodings, avoids having to scan the unicode string to add up the

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