Version 0.7 of Crunchy has been released. It is available on

Crunchy, the Interactive Python Tutorial Maker, is an application that
transforms an ordinary html-based Python tutorial into an interactive
session within a web browser. Currently, only Firefox is supported.
Crunchy is developed and tested on Windows XP and Ubuntu Dapper Drake,
but should work on any suitable windows or UNIX system. Apart from
Firefox and Python, Crunchy's only dependency is Elementtree,
available from http://effbot.org/zone/element-index.htm. This still
applies if you are using Python 2.5 because we use parts of Elementtree

that are not included in the Python 2.5 standard library.

0. Name change
To prevent confusion with an existing program named CrunchyFrog,
"Crunchy Frog" has been renamed as "Crunchy", short for "Crunchy, the
Interactive Python Tutorial Maker".

1. *Security fix*
The previous versions of Crunchy allowed tutorials containing
arbitrary (and hidden) javascript code to be loaded within a browser
window. The new version removes any existing javascript code prior to
processing for display within a browser.

Feel free to try and break this - and please report any findings back
to us.

2. New functionality.
* It is possible to run external programs from within the browser;
sample demos include GUI programs with 1. Tkinter, 2. pyGtk, 3.
wxPython, 4. Pygame
* Automatic syntax colouring of (static) Python code, including (as an
option) line numbering.
* New plotting canvas with simple to use api to draw mathematical
* Drawing & plotting canvas can be set to arbitrary size.
* Multiple canvas can now appear on same page.
* New addition and simplification to the sound api.
* Simplification of error message (tracebacks) more suitable for

3. New visual design:
* Integrated menu which can be styled through custom css
* Three sample css styles now included (selectable via the browser

4. New content:
* First draft sound tutorial exploring concepts of frequency, beats,
harmonics (Fourier series), etc.
* New addition to the basic "Crunchy user" tutorial
* Additions to all reference documentation (sound & graphics api, vlam
options, etc.)

Please send bug reports and feedback to Andr? Roberge
(andre.roberge at gmail.com)
and/or Johannes Woolard (johannes.wollard at gmail.com).

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