I used the embedding python guide to embed python in an application
to let me easily script the app. It's all working rather well, and
I've added a number of types which expose the internals to python.

However I've gotten to the point where I want to add classes for part
of the interface, and these class really should be subclasses of
another one of my types. Well, subtypes. The Embedding guide doesn't
cover this.

I found PEP 253, which partially covers this. It indicates that I
should be able to do this. However: 1) the "Creating a subtype of a
built-in type in C" section has an "XXX there should be a paragraph
or two about argument passing here" comment, and 2) the PEP's
abstract has an editor's note indicating that the PEP no longer
describes the implementation.

So what do I need to do? Are the instructions in the PEP still correct?

Take care,


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