i am looking for an idea on how to handle un-nesting tags.

i know i can use something build on top of a htmltidy, but i'm rather
wondering if this could be done using only python standard library. my
input tags can not be crossed (i mean "<a> w1 <b> w2 </a> w3 </b>" is
impossible from my input)

actually i had produced some data with :

some input : (line number / content)

0 <a>
1 <b>
2 <c>
3 w1
4 w2
5 </a>
6 w3
7 <d>
8 w4
9 </b>
10 </d>
11 </c>

where in fact i should i have :

0 <b>
1 <c>
2 <a>
3 w1
4 w2
5 </a>
6 w3
7 <d>
8 w4
9 </d>
10 </c>
11 </b>

i am wondering how i can repair that.

i had built a small script which already do that, but as i know there
are clever brains here, may be i will get some better suggestions...

(i need to clean/rewrite my code, but here is how it works : it first
find paired opening/closing tags, their width and positions, then from
the smallest to the largest, it encloses the previous text inside the
current tag and build a text that will be the next one to be enclosed
and so on.)

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