If this is not an appropriate newsgroup for this type of posting,
please let me know and (if possible) suggest an alternative. I've
done a fair bit of research on the net, but information is scattered
all over the place and I haven't been able to find mailing lists
relating specifically to python and UIs.

I'd like to start using Python for some GUI programming again. I'd
like to use Tk, but it seems to be dying a slow death, so it's
probably time to look at wxPython and PythonQt.

I'd appreciate any comments on the relevant merits of these two
libraries, both with respect to Python and more generally. I know
about the differences in licensing, that's not an issue. My most
specific concerns are ease of use (which includes how much in the way
of documentation or examples for using through Python are available,
and how easy the Python libs are to use in each case); availability of
a generally capable styled text widget, as one of the things I need to
build is an editor, which needs to be able to handle different fonts,
styles, tabs, and so forth; and ease of installation on a Macintosh,
since that is my preferred dev platform, and installing things made
for other UNIX variants can be a little wonky at times.

I'm also curious as to the quality of documentation available for
wxPython and wxWindows, and any differences between the
wxWindows text widget (which is generally Scintilla I believe),
and the Qt text widget classes. I've had a hard time finding good
docs for wxWindows or wxPython, and the bit of documentation
on Scintilla I've found and read seems to indicate that it has some
restrictions, such as needing to use the same line height for all lines
regardless of content.

Many thanks for any feedback you can give.


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