I'm running on WinXP w/ MS Services for Unix installed (to give
rsh/rlogin ability), both Python 2.3 and 2.4 version. In linux, I'm
running RHEE with python2.3 version. The code below works fine for me
in linux, but in WinXP the popen*() command "hangs". More
specifically, I get an apparent python prompt (without the '>>> ', but
whatever I type has no effect, and hitting return does a CR but not
the additional LF, so I just type over what I had just typed). The
only way I can exit is with CTRL-BREAK, and rerun python. I've tried
the various flavors of popen[2|3|4], and the subprocess module in
python2.4, all with the same "bug".

Also, rsh/rlogin from windows DOS prompt work just fine.

Can anyone clue me in as to how to make this work in windows, or an
equivalent solution?

The gist of what I'm doing is this
import os
p = os.popen3("rsh LINUX_MACHINE.com -l USER")
p[0].writelines(["touch rsh_as_USER.txt\n",])

In linux, the target machine will then have the .txt file touch'ed.


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