XPN is a newsreader fully written in python with pygtk+gtk2.
It is an online newsreader with unicode support.

Major changes in this release:

* v0.3.0: now headers are collected with XOVER command.
* v0.3.0: added scoring system, with a simple rules editor/viewer (see xpn.html for the details).
* v0.3.0: little changes in the header encoding. Now the encoding used for the header is not linked
to the encoding used for the body.
* v0.3.0: fixed a bug in the custom headers support.
* v0.3.0: little changes in the rot13 support.
* v0.3.0: added "find in the body" feature.
* v0.3.0: added regular expressions support whe you search a group in the Groups Window.
* v0.3.0: added article search feature. Now you can search an article in the threads pane, also
with regular expressions. You can search in From, Subject, Msg-id and References
headers and in the body (only for read articles), and combine the results with AND
or OR logic.
* v0.3.0: a lot of little changes and fixes.

You can get it on:


Here you can find a source versione and a win32 binary installer
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