About 360 votes have been received to date
and the submission rate is not yet falling off.

If I had it to do over, the ballot would be simpler,
but it seems to be working out okay none-the-less.
So far, almost every vote has been absolutely clear in its intent.
I've had to mail fewer than ten requests for clarification
(mostly for empty emails or for omitted names).
A few people hated filling out the examples
but some thought it was a great idea -- c'est la vie.

The one surprising comment is that some newsgroup
readers had filtered out all posts with the word "ternary"
or "308" and, as a result, did not see the vote announcement.

There have been a handful of requests to post
intermediate results. Others have assured me
that is a bad idea. Accordingly, results
won't be posted until all the votes are in.

I can reveal that the results are not lopsided
and it is still worth a few minutes to vote.

Raymond Hettinger

"A man with two watches never knows what time it is."

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