I'm happy to announce the release of Python 2.2.2 beta 1. Python
2.2.2 will be a fully backwards compatible bugfix release for Python
2.2.1. I'm shooting for a short beta test cycle: hopefully I can make
the final 2.2.2 release next week with minimal changes from 2.2.2b1.

Python 2.2.2 has a large number of bug fixes in all areas of the
interpreter and the library; for a full account see the release notes,
available via the link below.

The new release is available here:


As usual, a Windows installer and a Unix/Linux source tarball are made
available, as well as tarballs of the documentation in various forms.
At the moment, no Mac version is available, though I expect that Jack
Jansen will start working on one soon. Likewise, no Linux RPMs are
available; I expect that Sean Reifschneider will prepare Linux RPMs
for 2.2.2 final.

I'm especially grateful to Michael Hudson, Raymond Hettinger and Neal
Norwitz for their hard work on backporting the large volume of patches
from Python 2.3. Without them this release would not have been

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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