I have returned to Python after a year away (old version 1.52 on a Mac
using sys 9.1). I upgraded to Python 2.2 and got messages that my old
version of Piddle was deprecated. I downloaded the latest version and
am stuck. After searching the documentation I cannot find how to
install it other than the statment in the README.txt that says type in
python setup.py install and go. That does nothing for me in the IDE
on my Mac. I am probably missing something simple, but unless I get
some plotting stuff running my return to Python will be short-lived.
Can you tell me what I'm missing so I can install a new version of
Piddle on my Mac? Thanks for any help.

-- Lou Pecora

- My views are my own.

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  • Tom Loredo at Mar 25, 2002 at 10:41 pm

    I can't vouch that Piddle has been updated to work properly this way
    on the Mac, but what you should try is to drop the "setup.py" file
    on the *Interpreter* (not the IDE), and when a command window pops
    up, type in "build" (to build the package in the current directory)
    or "install" (to build it and copy it to your site-packages directory
    so it is accessible elsewhere). As long as Piddle doesn't do something
    out of the ordinary, this should work on a Mac (though if Piddle builds
    C extensions, you'll need to have a copy of Codewarrior somewhere
    on your drive, and if you don't have the newest version check the
    MacPython page for info on what to change to get compatibility with
    old Codewarrior).

    -Tom Loredo

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