NOTE python V 1.5 - redhat 7 linux
The problem I have is a signal sent to my python program(from
gtkmozembed) is
taking the argument in as PyCObject when I would like a text string (I
think this is because
it is set as "const char*aURI" in the C/C++? program it is comming from
- (see below gtkmozembed.h)
PS I have tried deleting the "const" part in the gtkmozembed.h file and
(I think it is set deeper inside mozilla and that is beyond this newbie)

Is there a way to extract the text part of PyCObject or ??
see below for example C/C++? that works (the way I would like to do in
python)- TestGtkEmbed.cpp

PS I won't be checking for replies for approx 12 hours as it is very
early in the morning here
Thanks in advance from Daniel danang at xtra.co.nz
below :
part of my python code
stdout from my code
part of gtkmozembed.h
part of TestGtkEmbed.cpp (this works)
part of my python code
(that takes in uri as PyCObject)
from gtk import *
from gtkmozembed import *

def open_uri_cb(args,uri):
print "message open_uri"
print (uri)
return FALSE

#create window etc here

moz = GtkMozEmbed()


#show widgets etc here
stdout from my python code
message open_uri
<PyCObject object at 8400cf8>
Part of gtkmozembed.h (C header where signal is from ?)
note: (const char*aURI)
struct _GtkMozEmbedClass
GtkBinClass parent_class;

void (* visibility) (GtkMozEmbed *embed, gboolean
void (* destroy_brsr) (GtkMozEmbed *embed);
gint (* open_uri) (GtkMozEmbed *embed, const char *aURI);
part of TestGtkEmbed.cpp (C source of a test prog that works (the way i
want it to))
(g_print line prints to stdout a test URL eg. http://python.org)
open_uri_cb (GtkMozEmbed *embed, const char *uri,
TestGtkBrowser *browser)
g_print("open_uri_cb %s\n", uri);

// interrupt this test load
if (!strcmp(uri, "http://people.redhat.com/blizzard/monkeys.txt"))
return TRUE;
// don't interrupt anything
return FALSE;

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