I suppose... I have always had the kits and the java files installed
on my computer... and when I started my major project (version 1.0)
completed with Java, I was doing so because I had Macs and IBMS and
Unix's, Linux's as potential clients. I was going for Java because
of its touted 'platform independence'.
I love Java... BUT.. it is not as independent as Sun would have
wanted it...

Ironically, now, I have only Windows users... but the language I
chose to 'learn' was Java for it, and it is written in Java...

Currently, they DL the files and install them into wherever their
classes run, and type in the RUN box C:\WINDOWS\Jview CyberGameTable

(yes, I, <gasp>, have users using Jview, as it is installed, and
convincing them do DL Sun's package did not work)

I was hoping that Python (and it does seem to be really neat on the
programming end) would provide me with the ability to create an
executable that one would Download and run without having to (1) set
classpath (2) run-line command it.. etc... ((I had been hoping for
it in Java, too... chock it up to beginners' stupidity--one year
later I am a little wiser))

I've read references to 'compiling it to C'... is this a laborious
process requiring knowledge of C or C++?


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  • Xiarcexml at Jul 17, 2000 at 6:20 pm
    Thanks, George... that might answer my question...

    I don't need it even to be ONE file, only not-requiring someone to DL
    the VM to run it.. My users are not savvy with basic dos functions,
    let alone with virtual machines, programming languages, etc..

    If they can be zipped, and then unzipped, and double-clicked... then
    perhaps python has answered my need.

    (Now only how to re-write my GUIs in Tkinter... ah well.. I can add a
    language a month to my repertoire)

    Previous Conversation:::::
    Paul Prescod wrote:
    Gordon McMillan wrote:
    For Python, you want to look


    For Java, at "jexegen.exe".
    Sorry, Paul, the latter does not bundle in the interpreter. It
    just packages up byte code and uses a small exe to start your
    MS JVM.
    True, I forgot that because the MS JVM tends to be installed. I
    think I may have exaggerated the features of the former too. Is
    there any easy way to make a single executable for Python, the
    standard library, required .pyd's and your code? My vague
    impression is that you could if you had a compiler and the source
    for your pyd's, or else you could fall back on an installer
    (rather than a single big runnable app).
    ;It doesn't create a single statically linked exe. That's kind of
    ;hard without a compiler. It does track down all your
    ;dependencies (at least those not masked by import hooks)
    ;including (on Windows) dlls that your pyds might depend on.
    ;You end up with an exe and some pyds / dlls in one directory.

    ;You can then choose how to distribute. You can use a
    ;installer, (or WinZip), or let Installer create one for you, or even

    ;send out a one file exe that unzips itself each time it's run.
    ;The major point being that there's no requirement for Python
    ;on the user's machine, and there's no interference if they have
    ;a different version of Python installed.
    ;- Gordon

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