Starting this Friday, March 9, we are holding a beginners' Python class
for 3 Fridays in a row, 9-4, at our lab at UCSC-Extension, 2505 Augustine
Drive, Santa Clara, right across 101 from the Great America sign.

This unusual class is for beginners who have not programmed before. If
you know how to program in any language, it is not for you.

We will study and practice a few programming techniques that are common to
all computer languages, but we will do them the Python way.

The idea of the class is to give beginners an opportunity to experience
the programmers' craft, but to spend the least possible time and money to
learn if programming is an activity they enjoy.

Also, if programming does resonate with the student, then the student is
in a good position to take the programmers' class at a later date.

All the UCSC-Extension Python courses are hands-on. After each short
lecture, students are given lab time and exercises that provide practice
with the new concepts. Next, a new material set is distributed which
contains solutions to the lab exercises and notes for the next short
lecture, and the next set of lab exercises. Questions are always welcome;
discussion and pair-programming are encouraged.


Please come, and send students!

Marilyn Davis, Ph.D.
Python Instructor

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