Dear gurus,

I'm running Mailman 1.0rc3 on a RedHat 5.2 box. I have a problem...

A couple of days ago I started up a new list. For some strange reason one of my digest subscribers keeps getting digest #1 over and over again once every hour. I have tried to unsub him, but the mail keeps going out. The logfiles for Mailman looks just fine. Everything else works perfect, but how do I stop this mail from going out??

I'm not a unix guru, so please give some advice here...I did delete the digest in /var/spool/mqueue/, restarted sendmail, cron etc...I also did a complete reboot.



This is an output from the maillog:

Sep 1 12:27:37 www sendmail[589]: TAA12159: to=<andersson at>, delay=4+17:27:35, xdelay�:00:37, mailer=esmtp, [], stat=Sent (LAA59502 Message accepted for delivery)

Sep 1 13:27:34 www sendmail[671]: TAA12159: to=<andersson at>, delay=4+18:27:32, xdelay�:00:34, mailer=esmtp, [], stat=Sent (MAA65482 Message accepted for delivery)

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