There has been a couple of cries for help in installing mailman on Solaris
systems. I too had some problems with permissions and log files not being
created during installation of rc1 on a Sol 2.6 system with Python 1.5.2.

I'm in the fortunate position of performing an initial install so I can't
help with anyone upgrading from a previous release.

I have found that it is _vital_ that the entire installation process be
performed _as_ the mailman user _within_ the mailman home directory. The
suggestion that you install "under your own login, or whatever account you
typically install software as" is misleading under Solaris (though the
advise not to do the installation as root is still very important.)

So, follow the INSTALL instructions up to part 2 then move the entire
mailman-1.0rc2 distribution directory into /home/mailman (or whatever the
home for the user is called.) Now follow the installation instructions to
the letter.

The result is, for me, a working installation with no permission problems
and all the logfiles are created and writable as expected.

Geoff. Lane. | Automagical Incantator Digitus | Manchester Computing

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