We are having a problem with the rc1 version of mailman. The problem
also existed is previous versions I tried. If you select to allow posts
only from members AND to not have to approve each message it doesn't
work right. We still have to approve every message and the reason given
is that posts are allowed by members only. How exactly is the mailman
try to determine if you are on the list? Sometimes it looks like it's
getting it from Sender: and sometimes it looks like it's getting info
from one of the Recevied by tags. I've tried it from 5 different mail
servers and I get the same results every time. It tells me that posting
is restricted to members of the list. One time it told me that I had to
approve the message for that reason and the From: address it listed in
the email to me WAS the same as the one I entered. This program
(mailman) is great so if someone could help me out here I would
appreciate it. Thanks!

Alan Barnes
dodger at toast.net

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postedMay 11, '99 at 4:17p
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